Introduction: Contrast agents play an important role in increasing the efficiency of diagnostic imaging techniques in the evaluation of vascular lesions, infections and tumors. Annually more than 70 million radiology tests performed using contrast agent materials in the world. Side effects of contrast agent can belief-threaten, so that observing safety guideline prescribed a key role in the patient’s health. Aim: The aim of this study was evaluation of compliance with the instructions in the use of contrast agent materials in Kermanshah province Hospitals, West in Iran. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, five centers that were active in the administration of contrast agents were studied. The data collection tool, a checklist containing 49 safety principle of contrast agent material was administered that after confirming its validity and reliability were used. Data were analyzed using SPSS16 software and findings were presented using descriptive and analytical statistics. Findings: Results showed that the average age of the participants in this study 33.66 years.54% was male. 81.8% in the Radiology department and 18.2% were working in CT scan centers. 20.5% of prescribers the contrast agent assistant radiologist, and 79.5% was radiographer, respectively. 25% of them had passed training courses dealing with the acute effects of contrast agent. There was not a guideline to identify patients at high risk for adverse events and prevention and management of adverse reactions due to the side effects prescribing of contrast material in the imaging centers. This study showed that the overall safety of contrast agents in radiology departments only 2.3% appropriate and in 97.7% moderate. Conclusion: The results showed that the Safety observance of the use of contrast agents is not acceptable in many cases. Pregnancy and lactation control, sterile techniques during catheterization in non-inject able contrast agent was not acceptable. Monitoring the patients, use safety box in case of emergency and skilled use of defibrillator; observe this safety issues was rarely taken into consideration by prescribers of inject able contrast agents. The centers survey shows that there isn’t a standard guideline to identify patients at high risk and management of side effects of prescribed contrast agent. [Acta Inform Med 2018; 26(1.000): 42-45]

contrast agent, imaging centers, safety considerations, radiology