Information retrieval data base and exploring recent and relevant information is a complex process in researching number of relevant and recent information, available electronic data base and resources that allow contemporary flow of Informational-Communicational Technology. Internet and web technology allow flow of general and specific information, different researches, bibliographic, citation and facts in online data-base, mostly aimed in giving the concrete answer directed to librarian- informaticians. The main goal is to give complete insight in most recent data available (through concise and fragmented use of online data), accented on researching and seeking relevant information for a number of different professional- scientific information needs. Users are at the same time consumers of scientific-professional informations as well as creators of innovative knowledge facts, informations. Other, not less important aim is to analyze one year retrieval information in Clinical Centre University’s Library, in order to gain variety of possibilities offered by professional-scientific service of Clinical Centre, addressed to satisfy needs for knowledge, through using data base, services and through internet electronic publications. According to obtained indicators such as: researching on-line data delivering full texts from major electronic publications ( e- magazines with high impact factors and e-books) in data using communicational technology such as Internet, e-mail, CD ROM, etc ( all in order of respecting free time for beneficiary’s) The huge number of users request for informations Library service complete effectively At the same time librarians ould be educated data users for data using, for which, library is subscribed for: using informational potentials in working environment, as well as in home environment. Conclusion: For efficient information retrieval is highly important knowing the researching system and obtaining information, the possibilities of data base using, understanding users needs–demands and finding the research strategy, and follow-up user´s satisfaction. Completing the extra and add researches on users request is also an obligation, in case relevant informations are not reached, as well as educating users for self use of data base. [Acta Inform Med 2010; 18(2.000): 100-108]

Information retrieval, data base, online data base, user’s requests, researching, informational technology