Introduction: The answer to the question of what a database is and what is its relevance to the scientific research is not easy. We may not be wrong if we say that it is, basically, a kind of information resource, often incomparably richer than it is, for example, a single book or magazine. Discussion and conclusion: As a form of storing and retrieval of the knowledge, appeared in the information age, which we’ve just participated and witnesses. In it, thanks to the technical possibilities of information networks, it can be searched for a number of more or less relevant information, and that scientific and profound content. Databases are divided into: bibliographic databases, citation databases and databases containing full-text. In the paper are shortly presented most important on-line databases with their web site links. Thanks to those online databases scientific knowledge is spreading much more easy and useful.
[Acta Inform Med 2013; 21(1.000): 67-70]

ICT, IMRAD, quoting literature, review of the articles, publications