This paper treats the use of the HL 7 protocol within the framework of the Sunce Polyclinic information system. The use of the HL 7 protocol is particularly treated from the marketing aspect, and the paper provides both the marketing and business reasons for using this protocol. The paper gives an insight to theoretical principles of improvement of laboratory results’ processing as well as an analysis of the complete process with figures of masks from the information system taken from the practice of the Sunce Polyclinic. The goal of this paper is to show, firstly, justifiability of use of standardized protocol aiming to precipitate and increase the quality of the business process. The paper also shows the marketing gain that also private Polyclinics can have, including the Sunce Polyclinic, by using the standardized protocols and their application within the framework of their own information systems. [Acta Inform Med 2010; 18(2.000): 91-95]

marketing service, HL7v3 norm, health information science, laboratory information system