Issue: 2019-27-2

Cholera Outbreak in Yemen: Timeliness of Reporting and Response in the National Electronic Disease Early Warning System
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.85-88
Pixel Prostate Software as a Reliable Tool in Depicting Spatial Distribution and Determination of the Prostate Cancer Volume
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.89-95
Deep Iris: Deep Learning for Gender Classification Through Iris Patterns
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.96-102
An Expert System to Diagnose Pneumonia Using Fuzzy Logic
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.103-107
Type of Diabetes Mellitus Has Influence on Electrophysiological Parameters
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.108-113
The Value of Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) in Differential Diagnosis of Scintigraphic Cold Thyroid Nodule
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.114-118
Diagnostic Accuracy of a Three-point Compression Ultrasonography Performed by Emergency Medicine Resident for the Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis: a Prospective Diagnostic Study
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.119-122
Electronic Networking Programs in the Greek Health System. The case of “Clarity”: a First Research
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.123-127
Use of Smart Phones and Social Media in Medical Education: Trends, Advantages, Challenges and Barriers
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.133-138
Dental Websites as New Media Tools for Patients in Dental Health Tourism
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/aim.2019.27.128-132